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, author of "revival," ari berman, author of "herding donkeys," and nate silver, columnist for 538 blog on "the new york times". ari, you were in that white house meeting today with the so-called professional left. what did david axelrod have to say? a nation awaits. >> i was honored to be a member of that esteemed professional left club. axelrod was very positive about the speech, as you would expect, and i think he felt like progressives in the party would like the speech too. that there was something for everyone in terms of what obama said. he gave the new democrats technology, he gave labor and progressives infrastructure, he gave the education reformers and the conservatives a lot of on education. but axelrod felt like the message of pro-growth, the message of obama, of investing in the future and investing in jobs was something they could contrast very favorably with the republican plan, which is all just cut, cut, cut. and there was a lot of worry among progressives going into the speech that obama would embrace austerity politics head-on. he didn't do that. he said, i'll do som
. ari, you saw newt gingrich's critique. what did you think of it? >> he's on target of that right there. he learned the risk of saying things and he's trying to learn how to cool down. if he runs for president, that's going to be the ultimate test. i think there's large truth to that, that sarah palin is tremendously popular within an element of the republican party. the trick to making it in american politics is you have to start strong in your base and expanding over the middle. she's yet to prove she can take that second step. it's an important second step. >> lisa, you worked for hillary clinton, who was able to overcome her negatives. what advice would you give for sarah palin? >> she's out there, she can't pull it back. so i would tell her, you know, low ball it for a while, or get out of the picture for a while. >> she doesn't have a history of doing that. >> ari makes an interesting point of playing to your base. there's been speculation that the blood libel comments are geared toward playing to that far right evangelical wing of the party. i don't know that's the case. when you
in the comic section. aries. >> aries. >> donned hold it against me. someone say i am more taurus. but we are looking at flurriestowards the west. we have snow showers into the mountains. they are having a tough time. so sunny skies. temperatures 21 in baltimore. 23 in easton. factor in a little bit of a wind and it pushes us into the teens. wind not as strong as yesterday but it will be chilly as we will get up to 32 with some sun in the afternoon. right now, let's toss it over to kim brown with a look at traffic. when she blinks look closely. she has purposeel eye shadow on -- purple eye shadow on. >> reporter: thanks. traffic wise, traffic is moving at a very nice pace to start off the commute. we don't have major incidents or any major delays. look live at the beltway on the top side, 695 at providence road, very light volume. no major problems. all lanes are open up and down the 95 corridor as well. we have one water main break issue that is blocking the northbound lanes of york road expect to see icy conditions past that scene. they hope to have it reopened fairly soon. so in the me
. >> los que antes eran aries, ahora serÍan piscis o aries. los tauro ahora serÍan aries o tauro. los gÉminis ahora serÍan tauro. los que antes eran cÁncer serÍan tauro, gÉmisis o cÁncer. >> los que antes eran virgo, ahora serÍan leo o virgo. los libra ahora serÍan virgo. sagitario ahora serÍan libra, escorpiÓn y un sÍmbolo que descartaron porque querÍan un horÓscopo con sólo doce signos. >> los que antes eran acuario serÍan capricornio o acuario. complicado? no se angustie. segÚn la mayorÍa no hay por quÉ preocuparse ya que la astrologÍa occidental se rige por: >> para nosotros, para el zodÍaco normal, tropical, donde yo nacÍ, nosotros, por ejemplo nos regimos con grados fijos. esto quiere decir 30 grados para cada signo. algo que no se habÍa aceptado por la rotaciÓn de la tierra. >> no hay que cambiar de signo. eso quiere decir que nacÍ de escorpio y ese es mi signo que me va a regir desde que nacÍ hasta que muera. que tÚ me digas que vas a escoger con cuÁl te quedas, en realidad no es una opciÓn. ♪ >> no, pues yo seguirÉ siendo aries entonces. segÚn
going into their business, and good look. >> ari, how about the pitch? did they miss anything? >> i like the enthusiasm. it sounds more of like an armageddon. i've never seen anybody fight about the slice being too big or too small. i feel like the person cutting the pizza, that's all they do all day is cut the pizza. if they're cutting it at eight slices, doing that ten hours a day, i'm not sure they need a guide to do it. >> your idea would be then to explain the problem a little better. >> i would say you've got to explain the problem. i like the idea, it looks like a cool fraternity prank, i'm not quite sure that people actually have a problem with the size of their slice. >> since i'm guessing that neither of you would take a meeting, let's make this productive. if they should add one thing in their pitch, what would it be? >> it would be telling the possibility of the marketplace and the gross margins for sure. >> ari? >> i think you have to show a way that you're going to save a drastic amount of money for restaurant tours who don't like to change things and maybe extra cheese. >>
ari fleischer. david gergen and gloria borger and paul begala, as well. david, this was the president's first state of the union address since the midterms. how do you think he did? >> ironically, the shellacking may have helped his presidency. i think he's pivoted off where he was. he gave a very different speech than last year. last year was what government was going to do for you. >> were you reading old speeches from president clinton? >> i just think he's taking a new tack and i think it's the right one. getting our kids better educated, i thought arne duncan turned out to be the most significant person in the room. i thought the failure in the speech came on the deficits. >> not enough about it? >> it wasn't serious. it wasn't -- it wasn't a serious effort to come to grips is what is a towering problem. he's holding back. i don't know why. i thought it was very cautious. he made some suggestions, implied things, but you can't feel very good about the fact we're going to solve these deficit problems after tonight. >> both republican responses were -- deficits were front and cente
to know those guys are back in the chair. let's mix it up with ari, tim carney. tim, the traditional rhetoric around anything like this is well, it's good we've got people who know what they're doing back in the job. >> i think it's funny people complained, oh, barack obama has no real private sector folks around him. these men are political fixtures. ba bill daley. is he a great finance expert or a guy who knows how to pull leverage? just like rahm emanuel who made $16 million to two years pulling political levers to make things happen. then sperling with his goldman sachs money. it's the same thing. it's the guys who work at that tawdry intersection. >> ari, i want you to channel if white house for a second. we're no longer the minority. there's a loud cory russ of people saying the industrial political complex is strangling america and the nexus of that interface is between finance, which provides the vast majority of political funding two both parties, barack obama receiving more money than any presidential candidate in history. at the same time, he runs on change and says he's f
considerando el pedido de la bernad de ario univ que quiere que entre en efecto, una corte suspendió la imemplementación de gran parte de la leymientras considera si es constitucional. y critricos dicen que no va a escuchar esto. >>> no puede imponer el estado de arizona una leyantimigratoria, la constitución es lo que manda en este país. >>univh@noticiero univisionh@ la audiencia no permiten estar seguro de nada, algunas partes se podrían implementar. >>> no podemos mirando la corte como si fueran un partido de béisbol de los gigantes, sino que tenemos que desarrollar nuestra propia estrategia. >>> independientemente de la corte activistas dicen que no se pueden quedar de brazos cruzados. h@noticiero univisionh@h@noticie la gente que viene voto. >>> es imposible saber cuándo n@ darán a conocer su decisión, lo que sí podemos decir que cualquier sea esa decisión la última palabraunivis no la tenda corte, sino la corte suprema. >>> fuentes noticiero univision@ joseph, dijo que este anunciará su retiro en el 2012, y este se lanzó como independiente. >>> y brasil las cifras de
jueces federales en el estado de ariunh@noticier@ amigos del juez que fue asesinado. >>> fue movido a la corteh@ not@ oenix. ynar asignaron a un juez de san diego, se cree que conseguir un jurado imparcial será difícil. >>> la gran mayoríah@noticiero . >>> en una declaración el vocero del fiscal federal desmiente esto, diciendo: la ley federal hace que sea juzgado aquí. >>> y fue aquí en donde compareció loughner, y se le presentaron cargos por el asesinato de 6 personas. y la congresista gabrielle giffords mostró bastante h@noa. >>> el estado de la congresista evolucionó de criticó a grave indicaron los doctoresh@noticie huesos fragmentados en la parte cluso esposo ivisnotio univnasei habenvisto sonreír, y dice que acarició la espalda de su esposo. >>> el presidente obama honró el legado de martín luther kin, sumándose a un proyecto de pintura en una escuela, la primera dama ayudó a pintar el comedor de un rojo manzana, sus hijas se sentaron aparte y contribuyeron al trabajo de pintar. la participación fue su manera de celebrar su cumpleaños, hoy cumplió 47 años. la
igualun ari y que rería el uso de verifico de estatus migratorio, y en el senado estatal se presentó medida similar, pero por la presión de asociación de gri culo toroes se eximo oíero un ionnoeso. >> y enoti representante le parece que el proyecto es injusto porque no reconoce la contribuyo ción que han hecho al estado los indocumentados. >> estamos hablando de la industria del pollo y la industria de la fabrico, de alfombras y la construcción y estamos hablando de el número uno de endz trindustria número . >> no es el único proyecto de ley con tendencia antiinmigrante que está pendiente en este estado a pescarticier a penas ae comenzar la sesión ero univisio negarle el... a indocumentados. >> tanto demócratas como república unos dicen que laivisi llegada de estas al comiténotio reglas y calendarios y podrían pasar dos añosh@ivisiola legisla estatal de georgia lourdes. >> el estado indiana no puede negar documentos de paternidad a padres indocumentados de niños nacidos en los estados unidos, la decisión fue tomado tras una demanda en contra de una norma que exige pr
. >>> just a few minutes, ari fleischer will join the conversation. >>> and up next, debbie wasserman schultz of florida and jack kingston of georgia, when "morning joe" continues. impressive resume. thank you. you know what, tell me, what makes peter, peter ? well, i'm an avid catamaran sailor. i can my own homemade jam, apricot. and i really love my bank's raise your rate cd. i'm sorry, did you say you'd love a pay raise asap ? uh, actually, i said i love my bank's raise your rate cd. you spent 8 days lost at sea ? no, uh... you love watching your neighbors watch tv ? at ally, you'll love our raise your rate cd that offers a one-time rate increase if our current rates go up. ally. do you love your bank ? >> woman: good night, gluttony-- a farewell long awaited. good night, stuffy. >> ( yawning ) >> good night, outdated. >> ( click ) >> good night, old luxury and all of your wares. good night, bygones everywhere. >> ( engine revs ) >> good morning, illumination. good morning, innovation. good morning, unequaled inspiration. >> ( heartbeats ) ooh, a brainteaser. how can expedia now save me ev
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.prr impacdisionlos que antes acto univisionprimer impacto fdunivii los tauro ahora serÍan aries o tauro.nerh@univisionprimer impas los gÉminis ahora serÍan tauro.n los que antes uneran mpactocÁuni >> los que antes pr impacdision ahora serÍan leo o impn los libra ahora serÍan virgo.ism mpactoescorpuÓn ionimerunivnerÍn descartaron porqto fdqueríunivir horÓscopo counivloh@primer impa serÍan capricornio o acuario.imc segÚn la mayorÍa no hay por quÉ preocuparse ya que la astrologÍa occidental se rige por: >> ionpara nosotros, para el zodÍaco normal, tropical, donde yo nacÍ, nosotros, por ejemplo nos regimos con grados fijos. esto quiere decir 30 grados para cada signo. algo que no se habÍa aceptado por la rotaciÓn de la tierra. >> no hay que cambiar de signo.n eso er impacto fdunivish@primÚ escoger con cuÁl primer impactÓ. ♪ >> no, pues yo seguirÉ siendo aries entonces. segÚionprimer impacto fdunivh@pd univista la rotaciÓn de la tierra, ision primerquacto funis dos de sus integrantes, visitarÁn maÑana el bar de la repÚblica deportiva. >> hasta aquÍ los
be interested in helping you. >>> time now to answer some of your business questions. norman and ari are with us once again. the first question is from a managing partner of a public relations firm. >> in the past year alone, we've had over 33% growth. we started in new york in 2009 with only me, and now we have five full-time employees and several interns, and we're growing rapidly. so, how fast is too fast to grow? >> it's a nice problem to have, right? >> it seems like what's the other problem, the car is too nice, the boyfriend is too good-looking? what is she going to write in about? >> that's a great question, and there's two things you have to ask yourself. first is why, why am i growing this fast, is there a reason? and the second is making sure you don't out-grow your cash, because good businesses can go out of business if they run out of cash. >> so, when she says how do i know if i'm growing too fast, you look at your cash? >> the issue there is the people. you may grow fast, but you may not necessarily be able to hire the right people that quickly. and there, you end up with a large
factor into that. if we will be right back with ari berman . -- with ari berman. >> today, the republican national committee elects their new chair. five candidates are vying to for the position, including current chairman, michael steele. watch the proceedings live today at 10:30 a.m. eastern on c-span, c-span radio and at this week on american history tv, historians discuss their work on pop culture at these historical conference in boston. khandelwal history, with walter fauntroy. apart -- an oral history with walter fauntroy. candid discussion of the first state to secede from the union, south carolina. see the complete weekend schedule on mindset /history where you can also press the loop but none have our schedules be mailed to you. -- press the alert button and have our schedules e-mail to you. this week, clarence jones with a behind-the-scenes look kathy lead up to the historic march -- at to the historic march on washington and the "i have a dream" speech. sign up to get our schedules directly mailed to you. -- e-mailed to you. >> calo makan -- comments of
or betraying their base. the professional left, if you want to call it. >> was ari fleisher tougher than robert gibbs? ari fleisher for bush, gibbs for obama, the rub there, comparison, what do you think? >> well, i wasn't around in ari fleisher's day but the answer -- i've watched him, right, is absolutely, yes. give me one good example, ed, today, right, i went down there expecting them to come out guns a blazing, the republicans, their number one priority, they're trying to repeal obama's number one success and achievement, right? and i thought they would come out and say this is terrible, it will hurt american families, it's going to increase the deficit instead they sort of shrugged it off and said, everybody knows it's political theater. well, guess what, everybody out there doesn't know it's political theater. >> well, this rub between the base and the white house is pretty clear now. howard dean has come out and said most of the people who were causing the friction are either out of the white house or going. so i guess i would say there is in a process a huge senior staff shake-up going
, richard. let's bring in our company, ari nelbert, amy holmes, and ezra klein "the washington post" and msnbc contributor. good morning. ezra, so much got accomplished during the lame duck session, more than most people certainly expected, but now you've got 40-plus new tea partiers coming to town and energized republican party. are we in for a long two years of gridlock in washington, or is there hope for compromise? >> i imagine long years of gridlock in washington. as in all congresses, there will be hope for xroe higcompromise certain things. there will need be to budget, we need to raise the debt limit. the question what is costs compromises come at. when you have the debt limit, where it doesn't get raised the united states will default and go into a fiscal crisis, that's a lot of leverage for republicans. a lot of what gets done might be forced by moments like that much like the tax cut deal forced by the expiration of the bush tax cuts. >> when we look at the example that was set, ari, in the lame duck session, i would say that the base of both parties not very happy. i mea
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when i am awake. kand so i had this dream of working with india arie and yo- yo ma to do
quienes protestan. ahora dicen que los aries, o los géminis no lo son. hay una confusión, cadailimitado por $69.99lan con at&t o verizon... ...siempre hay algo que se queda fuera. con sprint, por el mismo precio, obtienes texto, internet, gps y llamadas sin límites a cualquier móvil del país. por eso el club sprint es tan especial. porque en él entran todos. por $69.99 obtén texto, internet y llamadas sin límites con el plan todo de datos de sprint. javi: juan, tu tv es enorme... juan: mirá, ahora todas querrán ser nuestras roommates... javi: ...y ahí mi colección de comedias... david: eh, yo traigo mis video games... javi: hay espacio para todos... juan: oye, puedo estrenar la nueva sala esta noche, es que tengo un date... ver lo que nos >>> a un joven indocumentados que quería aportar al país lo espera la marina con lo brazos abiertos. pero antes le llegó una orden de deportación tiene 22 años y como muchos indocumentados. fue traído a este país a la corte de 7 años. ahora está a punto de ser deportado. tengo miedo. si voy atrás. no tengo familia. no tengo amigos.
. >>> a house fire forces residents from their home in san jose. >>> and a carto d ari s into a pacifica bar. the news at 5:00 starts right now. >>> good evening. i'm diane dwyer. there are conflicting reports coming out of egypt tonight. some say the capital is more chaotic than ever, some say a calm came over the capital took control. after five days of anti-government protests, at least 70 people are dead. it is now 3:00 in the morning on sunday in cairo. here in the u.s., critics of the egyptian president held demonstrations in several major cities, including washington, new york, los angeles, and also here in san francisco. nbc bay area's kimberly terry is in san francisco with what bay area protesters hope to accomplish tonight. >> reporter: diane, hundreds of protesters marched from montgomery b.a.r.t. station to the union plaza here in san francisco. they were waving egyptian flags, and chanting in both english and arabic for egyptian president hosni mubarak to step down. the protest started at noon and didn't end until after 3:00. it was just one of many ro tests in cities across th
are the showgirls from the tv station. he's like a second father. generous, with a big heart. barbara and ari says he gives them gifts and money, but as a friend. that his parties are just dinners where girls dance and he sings. berlusconi could face criminal charges, even a trial within months, but so far, says he has done nothing wrong and refuses to back down. michelle kosinski, nbc news, milan. >>> now to domestic politics in chicago tonight, a reprieve for mayoral candidate, former white house chief of staff, rahm emmanuel. the state supreme court said his name will remain on the ballot while it considers his residency case. he was kicked off by an appeals court just yesterday, which ruled he wasn't legible to run because he lived in washington last year, while working at the white house. ballots are being printed with his name on them. the election now less than a month away. >>> when we come back here tonight, a fast food customer is raising a question from the '80s, where's the beef? >>> the big, bad winter weather just keeps coming. and a new major storm warning is already in effect tonig
when i am awake. kand so i had this dream of working with india arie and yo- yo ma to do the george harrison saw; and "-- song. this is the definitive way to do this. we are all in it together, we do not leave anybody out. t conviction, i am one of the few people that you can recognize by one note. god gave me that universal tone, and that is what we want to implement in all the songs. thank you. >> carlos santana, thank you for accepting the 2010 mayor's part award. >> to watch the ceremony, visit the home page of the arts commission website, sfarts commission >> as the city of san francisco has grown, there are a number of cultural organizations that have grown with it. the san francisco symphony, the ballet, and ensure we are celebrating the 75th anniversary of the san francisco museum of modern art's. one of the things many of our viewers may not understand about museums is the way they grow and evolve is really about a broad. his patient and support from many individuals who give their collections -- and broad support from many individuals who give their collections to the muse
a show. >> it is a television occasion. we ari'm sure it will be celebrd in do style. >> after the service, they will board a horse-drawn carriage for the procession to buckingham palace. they will go up whitehall, across the mall. there will attend a wedding buffet and history will repeat itself. just as williams grandparents did in 1947, and as his parents did in 1981, the wedding will be sealed in the public's mind at least with an appearance on the palace balcony. for all the memories of the past, this royal couple were determined to make this day there's and to do it their way. >> that was our quarrel correspondent. that is our in is. -- our news. >> hello and welcome. >> see the news unfold, get the top stories from around the globe and click-to-play video reports. go to to experience the in-depth, expert reporting of "bbc world news" online. >> funding was made possible by the freeman foundation of new york, stowe, vermont, and honolulu. newman's own foundation. the john d. and catherine t. macarthur foundation. and union bank. >> union bank has put its fina
: is there a song for aries? >> we don't need a song. we lead thepack. >> oh! >> aries leads t zodia gn. >> i rea mine and i can't remember it two minutes later. >> it's funo do thgh. thk you. >> we cleared that up. we turn to facebook to find out what you thought o this whole diac sign. some people areaying they're sticking to what they've always shown that. laur writes i'll always be a virgo. >> herites i used to be a cancer and now i'm a geni. i think i prefer that it sounds better. >> and a couple comments coaring this to a shift. dominique asks what next? pluto is conside a planet again? please stick to one guide book. >> while we're up in the hvens let's checkith verdict object today. >> what are you? >> i'm a taurus a i'm sticking with that. i like being hardheade and difficult. >> our weather has been a little difficult for us this week. if you like it cold finally. we'll be risininto the 40s. especially saturday afternoon, the high again, 42. some flurries could ce our way. then sun we're left with a few clouds as well. it is monday that a bigger storm system will beoving in. that one in
many ask ari this question. republicans have sort of said we don't like all this investment to be more competitive. sounds like more spending. but ari, didn't george w. bush embrace this whole report on being more competitive, that came out of the national academies of science and engineering and put it forward and got it approved on capital hill? aren't people in the republican party fundamentally for this? >> that's one of the reasons that paul ryan is right, both parties have contributed to a crisis in spending. >> but the competitiveness agenda. didn't george w. bush -- i thought he came out in favor of it. >> the point is when you have a $1.4le from deficit, you can't look at things from 2004 eyes, you have to look at them in 2011 eyes. we can no longer afford things we want. >> we can't pay for teachers who are going to educate our kids, we can't pay for that? >> you want to talk about specific spending increase, but i didn't hear what specifics the president would cut. this is the problem, the conversation begins with the compassionate by how much more money can we spend with th
into the knelworth interchange. >>> to the story people are talking about online. you m not be an aries, libra or sagtarius after all. the minnesota planetarium society said the way planets and stars were agned when the zodiac was first conceived has now changed. they're suggesting our signs have been off bybout a month. >> reporter: it is the age old question what's your sign? >> i'veeen a gemini all my life. >> reporter: could the signs be tued on their axis? >> now the earth is over here in effect. the sun is in a different constellation than it was 3,000 years ago. >> reporter: the astronome started the uproar when he said shift in the ear's position meant the signs of th zodiac should move as well. he even added a third sign, opuchus. >> now i'm a urus. reporter: even ann curryas stung by the idea sheay no longer be a scorpio. >> i was told when i was very youn the scorpio is very intense, they'reonderful in bed, all these things. >> reporter: for astrologiers, they say iis nothingo worry about. they say it is an attempt to scredit them and nothing changes. there really isn't anything to
brasilo libra los que antes eran aries serían picis o a reos tauro, aries o tauro géminis tauro. cáncer tauro, géminis okano cáncer. los que a antes eran virgo serían leo o virgos. los que antes eran sag tasagitario libra escorpión o... un símbolo que descartaron porque querían hospital roz copo con sólo 12 signos los que antes era capri capricornio serían esto o capricornio. y los que antes eran picis serían acuario o picis, complicado no se angustie según la mayoría de asítrólogos no hay porque preocuparse. >>> para nosotros en occidente, el sodiaco normal nosotros por ejemplo nos re con grados fijos. >>> con algo no seria afectado por la rotación de la tierra no es aconsejable que nadie cambie de signo. >>> no hay que cambiar de signo, no hay que entrar no shock, ni hacer dramae jims por la hora lugar y fecha d nacimiento y esto quiere escorpio, picis o leo. digas que vas a escoger con cual te quedas no es opción yo me quedo con el mío tauro. >>> y alguno un experto lasxer esto gracias ilia vamos a méxico con tony para ver como van los
an aries, now they tell me i'm a pisces. despite not believing in astrology, i here by insist on remaining an aries. never mind the minnesota planetarium sign, i am not changing the ram for tiny pair of fish. i'm not doing it.
that intersects the equator, begins at zero degrees aries on march 21st each year in the spring. >> and let me ask you a question. some of these people who used to be sang tearians and cap -- sagittarians and capricorns are under the new sign. >> basically the point is that is irrelevant. that is a totally different zodiac. >> okay. >> the local zodiac we deal with is related to our solar system. >> the bottom line is don't take this seriously. whatever zodiac sign you were born under, stay there. >> that is still your zodiac. >> that sounds good. thank you for coming in and helping us figure it out. >> you're welcome. >> i feel better, too. i'm a taurus and not an aries. >> you wanted to be a taurus. >> reporter: am a taurus. >> you wanted to stay what you are, right? >> yeah, yeah. >> i feel better, too. >> when you identify with a sign your entire life. >> i am a libra and i want to stay. >> yeah. >> i'm stubborn. with all due respect, it's all over facebook and it has to be true. >> anyway. >> and -- basically someone else comes out with this and discover it. >> how about an urban legend? >> i
, ari berman on the it democratic party. then the news coverage of the tucson shootings. later the 2011 economic forecast from the american bankers association. >> each year the washington center brings hundreds of students to washington to experience the workings of government firsthand. sunday they will discuss politics, government, and their future on c-span q&a. >> middle and high school students, it is time to up put your videos for the student can documentary competition. did your 5-8 minute documentary on this year's topic to c-span by january 20th for your chance to win the grand prize of $50,000. the video documentary competition is open to students chris 6-12. for complete details go online to student cannot org. >> ari berman, a writer for the nation, is the author of the book after 16. a guest on this morning's washington journal. this is washing -- 45 minutes.,i >> our guest ari berman, the ourhor of the book at "herding donkeys."is this rebuilding the american pa. >> thanks for having me. >> that start off with theherdin reflections and writing this week in the wake of the
degree or one day. so it was about 1800 years ago that zero aries line youd up with the constellations but there are no new signs. these are constellations or clusters of stars. we use signs sand the signs always start with aries at the first degree of spring and divided every 30 degrees into 12 segments. so i say unless there are more than 360 degrees to a circle, there can't be more signs. >> well who knows if somebody wants to know that but for now that's the case. and let's set some other things straight. and for what you are saying and if you look up your sign in the newspaper or we do it, that's what we typically follow here in the western world, that will not change. >> no. that's the tropical zodiac. >> and that's good. because for those of us who look up our sign, for me, as a cancer, i don't think i could be a gemini. but might it change? or are we locked into that because of what you just explained? >> it was discussed by claudeyous tolome and he said the signs always begin at the spring equinox. >> there was a 1st sign that was talked about. >> it's not a sign. it's a const
life i have been an aries, now they tell me i'm a pisces. despite not believing in astrology, i here by insist on remaining an aries.
're cared aried a what types of guns those are. so in the middle a what we're working for. we ought to immediately do the restrictions on high capacity clips and i would hope that fellow republicans -- i'm a republican. republicans need step up to the plate. this is a law and order issue. the only reason you need high capacity clips is to kill a lot of people very quickly. again, this person was stopped not by someone else carrying the gun. if he had to reload after ten shots instead of 30, a lot less people would be killed. we need to have committee hearings about the whole back i don't understand check system, who is dangerous an how d how w make this country safer. >> is owning a gun a right or privileg privilege. >> supreme court says it's a right. >>> still to come, vice president biden's first trip to afghanistan since taking office. what kind of message is he delivering to president karzai? a live report from kabul coming up. e. so we earned a trip to vegas twice as fast! [ brays ] and since double miles add up fast, we can bring the whole gang. is caesar home? we get double
$5 billion. it has been tough on you and i. ary fares are up 14%. fewe than 1 in 5 seats are empty, and the added fees we love to hate. it may be the perfect time to buy acar. interest rates a hitting record lows, bank said a four-year loan some are goi at low at 2.99%. banks are getting more competitive for your business, and some are offering zero percent financing t get you in the door. coco prices shot uphen the ivory coast called for a one-nth ban on exports. the opposition party is hoping to cho off funds for the incumbent president who refuses to ccede defeat. good for my waift line. >> no price could keep me from my chocolate. >> switch t belgian. >> i love chocolate. >> you have to see this video. one new york city driverad to work harder than most, this is not an ice sculpture,t is a driver's car encad in ic a water main broke, and cars splashed thick layers of ice on the car. th chipped and chiselled to try to get it out. now, they have a frozen carith a broken window. >> that is a lot of ice. >> it will warm up. above freezing. >> here, too. it will set thetage a
goes and by cease may now be aries. there also is talk of adding a new sign that is called, how do i say this one, ofaukus. anyway that sign was originally left off by the back loanans, of a lucas because they wanted 12 star signs not 13. ophiu ch us. >> what's your sign. >> of yuke us. >> we're going to be gone for a second. >> pinpoint weather sponsored by mancini sleepworld. enjoy the lowest prices of the season during our mattress sale. ,,,,,,,, [ male announcer ] when sean was looking at mba programs, he wanted a curriculum designed to meet market needs, with faculty who brought real-world perspective on where the business world was headed and the practical experience to help him make an impact. my name is sean blankenship, i'm making the electric car more accessible, and i am a phoenix. [ male announcer ] imagine what a business degree can do for you. with six bay area locations, one is closer than you think. of fee you can you say fee court is now in session. ♪ [ judge ] let me get this straight -- you changed flights in order to get home to your buddies for new year's. and
job," they'd built their own tunnel. >> we're in. >> reporter: authorities in buenos aries say the thieves had rented a building right near the bank last june. and for six months, they'd been digging. a 100-foot tunnel. it was ventilated, had lights, it even had wall reinforcements. and that tunnel led them straight to the room in the bank where the safety deposit boxes are kept. outside the bank today, a line of angry customers, waiting to hear how much they'd lost. this man motions, "they showed me my box. there was nothing inside." investigators hovered over the hole dug in the ground at the building next door. the width of the hole, just wide enough to the fit the thieves. authorities say the thieves spent the entire weekend prying open and emptying about 140 safety deposit boxes. but police had no idea until the bank opened on monday. they do have this image of what is one of the thiefs carrying bags to the car. so far, they're not saying just how much the thieves got away with, but it was likely a huge amount. because after the banking crisis in argentina, many customers
state. >> rorter: at o'ary's restaura, the owner kevin o'leary ushered dozens of customers into the walk-in coolers and bathroo to protect them from flying glas >> i have always hea that sods like a train and that's exactly what itounded like. >> reporter: back in kansas, the cincinnati united methodist church still standin has become the focus of relie efforts, an unfamiliar role fo a church that just last sunday counted seven in the pews. >> that's the thing about the community, come together. doesn't matter what happened to you, i'm here for you. >> reporter: it's tt sense of community that ben and criste hope will sustain them. >> we'reore fortunate than some. we may have lostur house and vehicles, but we've got each other, so it will all rk out. >> reporter: here in arkansas, as many as two dozen famies are in needtonight, buthanks to help from friends, neighbors and the american red cross, ty all have a place to sleep, food to eat and as far the weather pattern here in this part of the country, conditions look a lot calmer over the next few days. kate? >>ulie martin in cincinnati,
moved since the babylonians calculated their positions centuries ago. some aries would be pisces, some virgos would be a leo. >> they have been off by i'd say almost a sign for many, many, many years. >> there is also talk of adding a brand-new sign, ophiuchus. >> ophiuchus? >> that's going to be a good pickup line. that sign was originally left off by the babylonians because they wanted 12, not 13 star signs. so scorpio would only get 6 days if that were true. >> so now that you're a generally my, blame all the evil stuff on a twin.
save on motorcycle, rv, and camper insurance. >>> welcome back. more signs of improvement for aris on a congresswoman gabrielle giffords. just over a week after she was shot in the head during an event in tucson, doctors have upgraded her condition from critical to serious. she is breathing on her own and doctors say that she's more awake. >>> of virginia family says the u.s. government is blocking a 19-year-old man from returning to this country. gulet mohamed was supposed to return home on a flight from kuwait, but his name is on the no-fly list and he was not allowed to board the plane. >>> at least 15 people were killed when a minibus exploded in a request pakistan. the blast was caused by either a palm or a gas cylinder used to power the bus. islamic militants frequently carry out attacks in that area. >>> 5:15. saturday was martin luther king's 82nd birthday. today marks 25 years the country has honored the civil rights leader with a national holiday. ben is on the national mall with some ways people will honor the active list and how you can get involved. >> good morning. on
are not lined up with they they were 3,000 years ago, so this means everyone's signs have changes. aries is taurs. it's not breaking news. astronomers have known about the change since 500 b.c., that means i am now a gemini. >> this explains a lot. another libra. >> bye b the internet on a plane! are you from the future? um, no. cleveland. listen cleveland, your savings account is stuck in the past! earn more with interestplus savings at that's new school banking baby! so instead of making peanuts, your savings will be earning three times the national average. oops. sorry. three times more? i'll have that! it is now safe to go online to what's in your wallet? buh-bye... call me. wo you look great! thanks! it's this new wish yourself thin pgram. i just wish it and it happens. it's probably those fiber one bars you're eating. i know they help me stick to my diet. the bars are 90 calories and the fiber helps you feel full. 90 calories and high fiber. so that's why this diet thing is working. but it's weird because my wish for lorenzo came true. [ male announc
. >> time daughter taurus. >> reporter: are you sure? >> i was at one time. >> it says you are an air aries. apparently charts show the common zodiac signs don't line up anymore withctual dates o the ar. mogomery county college professor, harold williams. >> soessentially, on avere, every 2,000 ars, there's a shift one constellation. >> reporter: buthat about zodiac signs determining your personaly? is a bold leo now a timid cancer? >> you have to make up yr own mind about that. the seasons obviously affect our moods and our personalities. so that's true. but whether -- whether these things have any predictive value in your life, tt's for you to decide. >> rorter: by the way, dr. williams is a baptist. but folks on t street -- >> see, i've been an aquaris, going on 50 years and i'm not changing. >> reporter: do you know the song? and they did. ♪ this the dawning of the age aquarius ♪ >> reporter: tom sherwood, news4. >> the sound good. the mnesota astronomer credited with starting the uproar overhe new calendar says this isn't even a new discovery. he says astronomy classes hav been t
el ari de grecia, ojalá que meta goles. sánchez llegará a las chivas rayadas como entrenador, pero no será para quitarle el puesto al guero, será entrenador de delanteros, lo quieren contratatar para que enseñe a los jovencitos cómo se mete la pelota. y márquez volverá al atlas, pero no crea que escuchará cátedra de galindo, será para entrenar y ponerse en forma en lo que arranca la nfh@primer impacto ( mad,o, está enojado ya que no le contratan al delantero que pidió, y los puso entre la espada y la pared. y en la nba se le apaga la vela al heath de miami, y ganaron 93 la cuarta derrota del ♪ >>> y fuimos al partido y unh@pf candidato favorito al mejor atleta del año, vaya a univisión fútbol. com.h@primer impacto (m@ es toda una sensación de la música norteña qué quier y le d bienvenida ma julio Álvarez. >>> gracias. >>> y hay muchos contemporaneos tuyeo. >>> muchas gracias, y estamos en la lucha desde hace 4 años, y se han dado muchas cosas, estas cosas son buenas para nosotros y las disfrutamos. >>> sabemos que hubo mucha violencia en méxico, y t
seríamoss virgo h@univisioner impactoh@ libra pr los que antes eranries serían picis o a reos, tauro, aries o tauroer imh@ gém er h@univisioo que ah@ivisioprimes eran virgou serían leo oh@univisionprimer i quecartaron porque querían hospital roz copo con sólo 12 i capricornioh@primer impactoh@ capricornio. y los que antes eran picis serían acuario o h@univisionpri porque preocuparse. >>> para nosotros en occidente, el sodiaco normal, nosotros por ejemplo nos re con grados fijos. >>> con algo no seria afectado por la rotación de la tierra no es aconsejable que nadie cambie de signo. >>> no hay que cambiar de signo, no hay que entrarh@univisionpri hora lugar y fecha de nacimiento y esto quiere decir que soy escorpio, picis o leo. >>> que me digas que vas a escoger con cual teh@univisionpn prim mmpactoh@h@univisionprimsx@ gracias ilia vamos a méxico con tony para ver como van los preparativos del concierne todo pinza paz, tony. >>> luego de lah@univisionprime a primer impacto imer impactoh@ entrevistar al artista cómo están las cosas allá . >>> tras de mi el auditorio nacional de m
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